Coloniliasts failed to silence me, PF won’t, says VJ

” I have not received any request from the Ugandan government to explain what i said , apart from what they are being fed by the zambian ministry of foreign affairs. Even if i had , i would have declined to travel there until all the ugandan and world wide bloggers have been sent there by their respective professional ministries of foreign affairs.”

“all i said is that these unfavourable reports from Uganda and elsewhere, should be verified by the electoral commission of zambia, before making a final decision on awarding a contract to print ballot papers for the people of zambia. What is wrong with verification ? Why is the ministry of foreign affairs so hyper about this matter, without making any genuine attempt to verify the facts ? This will be a failed attempt to threaten me into silence from speaking out on matters of public interest. Even the colonialists failed to do so when i decided to add my voice to the liberation of our country and that of the African continent, so that freedom and justice may live. The screaming headlines in the pf media, are outrageous and misleading and only intended to please their pf masters. ”

” the so-called summons has been instigated and orchestrated by the ministry of foreign affairs , using the Zambian High Commission in Tanzania, which is accreditated to Uganda. It does not deserve the dignity of a response. It just goes to show what a low base we have reached as a country in the conduct of our international diplomacy in the recent past. I shudder to think where this world would be, if ministries of foreign affairs around the world instigated this kind of summons against thousands of their nationals who operate blogs and websites where there is so much information on the questionable election of so many of our african dictators who have overstayed in office. I can only say, cry our beloved country.”


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