Combat allowance for ZAF officers reduced

Combat allowance for ZAF officers reduced


I am very disappointed with my comrades in ZAF .

I wonder if someone is decampaigning the president or what. We have always received information through right channels but when our combat allowance was reduced from 20% to 10% for Lusaka based and Ndola no one new. It just came as a surprise as it reached us in the morning of April the 1st being a fools day

I don’t know if the air Commander is aware or someone is trying to paint him black. More surprising was that they came on Saturday to pay us and people who don’t visit the missile’s section also arrived after an hour just to pass through. What a coincidence! anyway if the commander wasn’t aware zibani bambo. The government reached a twenty percent rate because it was difficult to pay us a S&T allowance on daily basis which would have been very expressive to the govt. Someone is wondering, instead of increasing the money in these brutal moments of our economy.😭

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