‘Come 2016’

By Titus Walamba

Hakainde’s statements that the UPND will be armed every where they go is highly iresponsible and only confirmes that his desparation is to cause bloodsheds and civil war in this peaceful country Hakainde should not be allowed to hold any gathering and any radio station that host him should have their licence crossed or revoked if anything Hakainde should be arrested and charged with treason because he has pushed his democratic right too far.


I have for the past few weeks attentively followed the disgruntled and annoying postings by a Mr. Opper Hamiyanze who has obviously made a living out of making a political stooge of himself.

The insinuation by this misguided gentleman that HH should be stripped off his democratic rights of freedom of expression and association is a clear indication that he is an intellectual pigmy who is lost in the desert of logic.

To see an evil and turn a blind eye is to be an accomplice of sin, the silence which Mr. His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata has cast over the political violence and persecution which has been characterized by their coming into power is an indication that this government is an architect of violence. We the oppressed like HH can never be archbishops of violence as Mr. Hamiyanze wants to hallucinate under the intoxication of his simple-mindedness. But we shall by all means protect ourselves from all forms of injustice from anyone by all means. People should not be afraid of their government but government should be.

To all those who are beneficiaries of this unjust government, I want you to know that your days are numbered, you will dance to a tune of justice when government changes in 2016. We the people of Zambia cannot be fooled by gluttonous politicians with bellies threatening to burst because of overfeeding.

Sata has lamentably failed to deliver his romantic manifesto and he is now wallowing in the vomit of his failures. No wonder he is scared of HH because he has no chance of scooping 2016. And a word of advice to all pang-weilding cadres and hopeless shushus who think violence is a form of dialogue, if you dare come near me I will unleash the wrath of God on you.

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