Come and get our uranium, Ambassador tells India

Indian media quote Zambia’s ambassador to India Allan D Kalebuku today saying that his country has deposits of uranium, oil and gas to satisfy India’s energy needs.

The ambassador said surveys have shown that there are substantial uranium, oil and gas deposits in Zambia which India could explore and extract for its energy requirement.

Speaking at an interactive session in the Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce, he, however, said both countries needed to have an extensive dialogue for the extraction of uranium for the sensitive nature of it.

India does not have sufficient uranium deposit and has to depend on import to meet its civil nuclear energy requirement.

Kalebuka said the country also required investment in tourism, fertiliser, cement, telecom and pharma.

The bilateral trade between the two countries has dropped to $ 190 million in 2009-10 from $ 207 million in 2007-08.

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