Come to PF and fill your stomach, says GBM

Come to PF and fill your stomach, says GBM


GBM confirms that the defections to PF are driven by hunger and selfishness, not to serve the IMG_7579

people of Zambia.
“You will get fat like me” GBM says, as he points at his flabby belly, while telling a malnourished defector.
The defections to PF are not about popularity of PF, or PF policies or even ECL.
It’s about eating, enrichment and selfish motives.

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    Big James 5 days ago

    I very much wanted to hear from the conversion of the Ruling party PF. Unfortunately the network was not in favor of me. but I had a chance to hear from Big CK. I had watched from a distance how CK could speak with boldness and bring out issues about PF and about the Head of state Dr. Changwa Lungu. I just listened to a clip where Lusambo was on radio and CK was labelled as ishilu, and later CK called in. He started speaking how Chagwa got the millions within short period.
    Ba CK INSONI E BUNTU! You spoke a lot about ECL, how has Chagwa changed to you today? Are we having a different Chagwa, or he is the same one. I don’t think so, he should be his twin brother. Ngacilya icisushi icakwa Chagwa cilikwisa lelo, nacicinja? Could this be applicable to you wembwili? That is the same ECL you demonized, so you are no longer a MBWILI but a cat now, isn’t it? You also want to fill up your pot belly tefyo bakalamba? Nomba umo mwaya is PF going to add C to become PFC and what percentage of the MPS are you going to be given? Are you going to dissolved as NDC or you will still remain as NDC? Shame ba CK! We are able to see between lines daddy. No more lies sir.
    PF careful, that man is a snake in green grass. PF never trust such people, they are sell outs. Be wise as serpents but innocent as doves.
    PF these are the people I am saying you should be careful with, for they will be kissing you in front while stabbing you behind. Don’t allow such people to be closer to the President or the Vice. I can see ba CK have lost the tummy. What has humbled you buteko ubu, never play with the ruling ba CK, mwacepa sana tata, BOMA NI BOMA. Why talk about your friends which I heard that you will break to the nation, we are tired of hearing your hatred. I remember how you vehemently spoke against Chagwa, today you want to speak or spit your venom against HH like you did on ba ECL. Leave your friend alone if you are really a Christian. If Jesus is in you, ask yourself can Jesus do or say what you want to say about HH? Mind your own business, just like I have never heard HH speak on individuals despite him being attacked left, right and centre. Even Chagwa does not usually speak on HH in public but does that occasionally. INSONI E BUNTU TATA! PF raise up your heads, such people should not be trusted. One person said “people who easily makes apologies are a danger to society like Kashimba Kambwili or the KK/CK who has lost the teeth to bite, shame on you my brother CK. PF put such people at a distance then you will see what comes out of him tomorrow, for a snake will always remain a snake. Welcome him as you are doing to others.

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    Big James 6 days ago

    It is indeed important as Zambians sometimes to be observers as you see politicians speak lies to us the would be voters. It is true some of those joining PF is because of trying to eat well. But if ba Kakoma said he left because there was tribalism in UPND, what about PF? Is there any Kaluvale in the cabinet of PF? What of those recent appointed PS’s? Any Kaluvale or Kaluunda? If you look at the inner circle of PF, they are only coming from three provinces, either Eastern or Northern or Luapula province. Charles mudala where you have gone are you safe, is it not for your stomach that you are there, too selfish big man. I am not saying UPND are ok, no. I am trying to analyse the truth. Someone says HH wakaso, but look at Lungu. When did President Lungu become generous? During his presidence, who had Mr. Lungu by then given a kwacha, how many did he give? So if HH wakaso even ba Lungu bali bakaso then. And when did ba Lungu become generous? During election period, where was his generosity years before? This are really politics.
    Ba HH are you promising the same way ba late Sata used to do, may his soul rest in peace? He promised 16 fertilizer, more money in our pockets. I have all the eighteen and above pledges given by the late Micheal Chilufya Sata written down in my diaries. Please promise people things you can do not things you can’t do. Remember that people you are addressing whether your members or not, they are those who are very intelligent. Be reminded that there are people who are still undecided, but when you speak the imposibilities, people will definitely know that you are just politicking.
    For ba PF also be genuine, don’t be satisfied with the defection of ba mulyemulye, those who are only coming to fill up their bellies. Can you truly believe that GBM who use to insult President Chagwa Lungu today can be on the platform campaigning for you. These guys are liabilities, they are giving you a minus and not a plus. Try to listen to what they used to say before coming back, ninsala eyabaleta. Sometimes I request you to put on the videos where GBM used to speak about the President Lungu, demeaning him like was nothing, today he comes to me to say Lungu is the only President who can do the impossibles, GBM be yourself. Sometimes muleumfwako insoni, INSONI EBUNTU BWINE ba GBM, mulesonta no lufumo ati mona ine ulufumo after mwatuka imfumu, shame on you.
    I also appeal to you PF to use wisdom when accepting such people not accepting them blindly, otherwise mukaloba ilyauma. Look at what he was pointing at, at his belly, kandile GBM. PF careful! PF open your eyes! You are in the final area, no extra time friends.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 7 days ago

    The Great Bellied Monster (a.k.a Fat Albert) is obsessed with eating. His best known reason for leaving UPND was that HH never invited him to a meal. This guy would be like a beached whale if he was a billionaire. He would be unable to walk. Eating is all he is obsessed with.

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    Chris mapulanga 1 week ago

    Ulifye bwino ifintu ni time

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    Showment 1 week ago

    Very disgraceful

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    Lincoln 1 week ago

    Watch “GBM’s Recorded Conversation with Zambian Voice Chilufya Tayali” on YouTube

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    Charles Kajimo 1 week ago

    It is very disappointing to hear Mr GBM telling political prostitutes that they can join PF to fill their stomachs: Really?

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    What a disgrace this man is