Arrest Mmembe; bring Ndulo, orders court

Magistrate Charles Kafunda has ordered that Post newspaper owner-editor  Fred Mmembe be arrested for failing to appear in court to answer charges of contempt of court.

A bench warrant has also been issued against the author of the article ‘comedy of errors’ which prompted the summoning of the entire Post editorial staff  Muna Ndula who was also absent from court.

Fred  Mmembe in short sleeved shirt greeting a Cuban diplot

Fred Mmembe in short sleeved shirt greeting a Cuban diplomat

The two were represented by their lawyers.

On professor Ndulo, the court said that since he is out of court’s jurisdiction, the process to bring him back should begin immediately.

Professor Muna Ndulo is represented by Vincent Malambo who who told the court that his client has not yet received the summons as he is far from the physical jurisdiction of the court.

Professor Ndulo told BBC Focus on Africa on Monday morning that once court summons were served on him, he would travel to attend the proceedings.

Fred Mmembe’s lawyers told the court that he could not be in court in person because he is currently on study leave.

But the court ordered the police to arrest Mmembe and make him appear before the court.

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