Who authorised distribution of killer condoms

Who authorised distribution of killer condoms

ECL knows why he can’t fire Mr. Chilufya

By Kaimfa Chandangoma

I do not think Dr. Chitalu Chilufya should be our national speaker on COVID 19 Response. Surely Dr. Victor Mukonka can ably handle that assignment.

Dr. Chilufya failed the nation when he went to ACC to face allegation of abuse of office with mass cadres who were not even observing prevention guidelines clearly failed us.

Let us be serious for once. Zambia has adequate systems to some extent but enforcement is abused with impunity.

The people of Zambia need to be spoken to by people they have confidence in and exhibit integrity.

Further, this man has lead the Ministry of Health with one scandal after another but sadly his appointing authority baluse. Or perhaps there is something we not seeing.

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