Commanders take over presidential decision making

Commanders take over presidential decision making

The Joint Chiefs of Staff comprising the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force (ZAF), Zambia National Service (ZNS), Office of the President –Special Division and Police have secretly taken over presidential decision-making due to President Michael Sata’s inability to reason properly and make independent, sensible  decisions.

Intelligence sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the decision was arrived at following President Sata’s consistent failure to make decisions as Commander -n-Chief of the armed Forces.

‘He has failed to make decisions on several serious security concerns because of his worsened condition,’ said intelligence sources.

Sources revealed that there have been serious security concerns from the Congo DR and from Somalia and Kenya in relation to suspected Al-Shabaab militants believed to have entered Zambia after staging attacks in Kenya.

The Zambian security wings are believed to have arrested some Somali and Kenyans who came to hide in Zambia masquerading as hair plaiters.

Sources revealed that the decision to take over decision making from the President was first discussed when Sata was evacuated to Isreal and was mainly due to the lack of a clear power transfer from Sata to Wynter Kabimba.

Defence Minister Edgar Lungu has attended several meetings with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and usually delivers all documents to State House for stamping of the Presidents’ Stamp signature since Sata can no longer sign with his own hand.

Sources said since 8th  June 2014, Sata’s dementia has evolved into a serious form of dementia known as ‘mixed dementia’ which is usually a combination of Alzheimers disease and another type of dementia called frontotemporol dementia or vascular dementia.

‘Our military and security medical personnel strongly advised that we take control of decision making because the Presidents’ condition has reached the last stages of dementia whose symptoms are worsening,’ the source said.

‘At this stage people tend to need 24 hour supervision because they wonder about, hallucinate, fall or become unable to control the bladder and bowels (incontinent) and a person at this stage may lose the ability to eat or swallow and may need assistance with virtually every aspect of daily life. The appetite declines to a point where a person does not want to eat and may not want or be able to get out of bed.’the source said.

The source explained that at this stage he may no longer recognise familiar people which is now the case with Sata. Other symptoms include agitation, significant changes in sleep habits and trouble in sleeping.

Intelligence sources revealed that other reasons that necessitated the ‘take over’ was because the Commander in –Chief can no longer be relied upon to make decisions and the other reason was to block unscrupulous power hungry senior PF members from taking over the country via the back door.

File photo: commanders salute Lungu when he was acting president

File photo: commanders salute Lungu when he was acting president

‘Even the decision to make Defense Minister Edgar Lungu to be in charge of government business in the absence of Vice-President Guy Scott was made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff,’ said the source.

‘Why do you think people like Kabimba are now silent and coutious with what they say? We have told them through the Defense Minister that we will do everything within our power to protect the nation even from PF members. We have even appealed to the PF to allow the President to rest, it is the PF that is killing the President by not allowing him to rest, these PF chaps are torturing the President by insisting that he continues yet they can see his condition,’ said one source.

Meanwhile State House sources have revealed that there was panic yesterday (23rd July) when PF members visited Sata. Sata started rumbling and talking about issues no one could understand.

‘He started pointing at people no one else could see and this forced us to remove everybody out of the place and took the President to rest. He even failed to recognise his own party members who visited him yesterday, ask them they know themselves who were here yesterday,’ the source said.

Sata has not been seen in public for more than one month now. A few days ago, still photos of Sata were shown to the public but he was never heard say anything. In fact no member of the public saw him walk.

He has failed to swear in constitutional office holders who were ratified by parliament a long time ago. Some Like Attorney General Musa Mwenye have started working before taking oath of office.

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