Commonweal​th fact finding team on trial

Whatever the outcome of the commonwealth fact finding team truth will always come out. They Say truth crushed to earth will always rise,but a lie will never rise no matter how much falsehood is peddled.

No matter how well the delegation may have been feed on falsehoods. The blood of the victims will always be on the hands of the PF regime together with the representatives of the commonwealth team and that’s where the back stops .

I think what is important and perhaps more paramount is that the opposition registered their concerns with the international community and now only  time will prove the logic of their international petition to the commonwealth  as to whether they truly concocted facts out of bitterness or not.

This is no-longer  their perimeter of competence but those who have come to interrogate the alleged abuses of human rights. It is correct to assert that it is the commonwealth fact finding team that is on trial and the final product of the process will be their indictment. The opposition and the civil society have made their case and it is now not their  game to play but the regime in power. The PF government must recognize that there is no winner when it comes to human rights abuses and violation of civil liberties and freedoms.

Nason msoni

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