Communications tower project stinks of corruption

Communications tower project stinks of corruption

Dear editor ,

Please hide my Id as many people will not be pleased with the information i have to disclose.

I am writing the in connection with the story about the $280million loan Zambia Towers project under Huawei Technologies Zambia Limited who were awarded the contract to communications construct towers and provide other communications equipment and support to the Government of the republic of Zambia and Zamtel.

It’s very true that this project is funded by a $280millon loan . The main Contractor Huawei Technologies is not only dishonest but due to ignorance and corruption they have taken advantage of project.

In order to carry out the projects Huawei technologies Zambia Limited has employed subcontractors who provide various services to huawei to implement the Zambia Tower project. Unfortunately due to no oversight from the government and the Ministry of transport and communications Huawei has imported foreign contractor and suppressed local contractors . They are only a few zambia contractors who are taking part in the projects but even they have backing and connections in order to get the contracts .Already you have a procurement process that is corrupt and discriminates ordinary contractors with no connections.

For example if a local contactor wants to register its interest in taking part in the project. The current procurement manager a chinese national Called Mr gary will tell you that huawei Technologies Zambia limited has no requirements. But in the mean time foreign contractors are getting registered and are working with Huawei in zambia while local companies are told their are no requirements.

We are all aware that this projected is funded by a loan from China. The government will soon pay this loan back to china but Huawei Technologies Zambia Limited has taken advantage of this to award a state owned subsidiary company called China comservice Zambia Limited . China comservice Zambia Limited is a subsidiaries Company of china comservice which is a subsidiary of China Telecommunications state owned Company.

The following are a few of the know foreign contractors in zambia tower’s project:

1. Afro Eygpt engineering
2. Lusaka Telecom
4.China comservice
6.Link quest telecom
8.Mer Group

While zambia’s dont have jobs some of these foreign contractors have been advertising for jobs in their home countries to bring people to work in zambia at the expense of local human resource with the qualifications. We have many microwave and engineering who are unemployed and even if there employed in this project they are under paid .

This is not helping Zambians or the economy at all . how many permanent jobs for skilled employees such as team leaders and engineers would be created if the contracts were awarded to local contractors.

The relevant goverment authorities should immediately take action to prevent any further externalisation of funds and human resource. The companies and individuals found wanting should face the law.

Many local subcontractor companies are owed money by subcontractors to Huawei but even if a formal complaint is Lodge Huawei will take no action . The Ministry of transport and communications is aware of this situation but opt to turn a blind eye.

All local contractors who are owed money don’t be intimidated write to Hon. Minister brian Mushimba and even write to Huawei Technologies zambia limited until they answer you can’t work for nothing.

I hope that the Hon.Minister Brian Mushimba and the relevant authorities will take action.

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