Community radio forum condemns PF barbarism at Ndola radio

The Zambia Community Media Forum (ZaCoMef) the umbrella body for all community media organizations in Zambia wishes to condemn in strongest terms the barbaric behavior of the suspected Patriotic Front cadres at Sun FM radio station in Ndola over the weekend. ZaCoMeF wishes to advise politicians and their cadres to stop using radio stations as battle fields for their political power hustle. In the same vein, we also urge politicians to stop going with cadres when they go to feature on programmes be it TV or radio stations. This is for the safety of our members and their equipment including cadres themselves as well as political leaders.

ZaCoMeF is a non-partisan organization and therefore will remain impartial but we will be quick to react to cruel ancient behavior that instills fear on its members and endangers its members’ equipment.

We will react and condemn such actions regardless of the political party involved be it ruling or opposition for we believe the loss of life, intimidation and all sorts of uncalled for behavior has no place in Zambia. ZaCoMeF will therefore not allow its members to be intimated by unruly cadres in their place of work with impunity.

We therefore reiterate the commitment of our members to remain resolute on professionalism and ethical in service delivery but at the same time advise politicians to stop using community media and indeed community radio stations in particular for malice, slander and character assassination. Our members are sometimes drawn into political battles without them knowing and this should come to a stop immediately. We challenge the Inspector General of police to inform the nation whether the culprits of the Sun FM radio station violence have been brought to book. We also urge her to start stationing police officers at all community radio stations country wide for free for security reasons as it has proved beyond reasonable doubt that community radio stations can’t afford to pay for the charges the police demand and yet the community media remains vulnerable to abuse and attacks.

Nyambe Muyumbana
ZaCoMeF Chairman

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