‘Community wildlife officers not paid’


Dear editor, kindly allow me to air the views of the suffering Wildlife Game Scouts who are day and night endangering their lives by sleeping with Snakes and dangerous animals when protecting our precious Natural Resources and Wildlife.
These are the people that the PF government and President Ediga Chagwa LUNGU has decided to torture by not giving them their salaries for five months. This is the President that the none function ZNBC is calling walking the talk. I have some questions for the president:
1) Mr President is it not true that you have not paid salaries to the Community Scouts and Wildlife policy officers the poorest set of employees under your corrupt government?
2) Mr President, how many letters have been written to your non performing Ministry of Finance and that the response had always been negative?
Mr. President, where have you taken the money paid by all Safari Hunting Companies through which these Community Scouts get paid?
3) Mr. President, where is your walk a talk presidency?

4) Mr President, don’t you think that these Community Scouts which you are not paying their salaries, have got their children to feed, take to school and families to help as you do to yours and what do you think how they survive?
Your minister of Tourism and Art Jean Kapata she is the worst Minister of the Tourism sector since Zambia got independence. Every one wonders how and why your corrupt government has maintained her. The transformation of ZAWA into the Government she is enjoying is the good work of Silvia Masebo the Iron Lady. Please HH when you finally get into the office bring back Silvia Masebo to the ministry, she is the most hard working minister the department had ever have and have a good heart for communities. We the game scouts across the country together with our families will rally behind you and make sure that come 2016 you are our President (HH). Enough is enough. To you our fellow scouts let’s join hands together to fight this monster PF regime. Let us not let them destroy our natural resources, its ours. However, Mr. President we demand that within 48 hours from now, we need to be paid our salaries for all the months your corrupt government owes us and failure to which we will stop working and poachers across the country will finish the animals in just one week and that will be the end of the ministry of Tourism in our beloved country. Withheld my name.

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