Sata’s health continues causing concern as he is asked to surrender guns

Sata’s health continues causing concern as he is asked to surrender guns

Sata sits down to rest after 2 hours of being driven to Eastern province

Callers to Radio Christian Voice’s Chat Back programme yesterday questioned the health of Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata, who developed a serious hiccup during a phone-in programme.

Mr Sata, who sounded low during the one-hour talk show, when asked by a Mr Muchindu of Lusaka about his state of heath responded: “I think I am fine.”

“Your supporters are cruel because they have continued to encourage you to go on even when your health is deteriorating,” Mr Muchindu said.

He said it was clear that the opposition leader was not well from the way he was sounding on the radio.

Another caller also only identified as Bright said it was clear that the opposition leader was not well because his breath was not that of one who was enjoying good health. He urged Mr Sata to instead take a break and attend to his health.

A caller who identified himself as Eddie said: “I can hear from your voice that you are not well. It is important to take a rest so that you look after your health. We shall pray for your quick recovery.”

A woman who identified herself as Bwalya wished the PF leader quick recovery as it was evident that he was not too well.

Some callers, however, encouraged the opposition leader to soldier on as he was the only “messiah” for the country. However, Mr Sata accused some people of having sponsored stories on his health status even on the Internet.

He said the illness talk was started by the same group and that the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail allegedly had picked it up from there. “To some people I was supposed to have died in 2009, but it did not happen,” he said.

And the UNITED National Independence Party (UNIP) Lusaka’s Matero Constituency aspiring candidate Mathew Mtonga has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to recommend that Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata surrenders the seven guns he declared, to the law enforcement agencies.

Mr Sata who is aspiring Presidential candidate in the September 20, 2011 elections last week declared seven firearms as part of the assets before Chief Justice Ernest Sakala at Supreme Court.

Mr Mtonga said ECZ should recommend that Mr Sata  immediately hands over  his seven guns he declared to the law enforcement agencies.

In a walk-in interview yesterday, Mr Mtonga said  Mr Sata’s  holding of such firearms was dangerous and  that  could raise anxiety and fear among citizens.

“It is shocking to hear that Mr Sata has seven guns he declared. I am urging the ECZ to quickly recommend that  Mr Sata surrenders those guns to the law enforcements agencies,” Mr Mtonga said.

He wondered how many firearms his aspiring parliamentarians, councilors and cadres had  if  the  party leader could be keeping such dangerous weapons especially that the country would soon go to the elections.

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