Compromised Fr.Bwalya urges Sata and his PF police to allow UPND hold rallies

Compromised Fr.Bwalya urges Sata and his PF police to allow UPND hold rallies

Get involved Zambia Executive Director Fr. Frank Bwalya has decried the action by the police to stop the opposition UPND from holding rallies in Lusaka as unconstitutional and has urged President Sata not to stand by and watch the police violate the very constitution which he swore to protect.

Featuring on MUVI TV assignment programme with Costa Mwansa on Sunday evening, Fr. Bwalya said the police action was shocking even to PF supporters and sympathizers who believed in democracy.

“I have the right to listen to Hakainde and Hakainde has the right to express and impart his opinions. These are constitutional issues. And when you see the police violate the constitution and the president does not stop it, “chila nkankamisha”-(it shocks me), he said in Bemba, adding that someone was not properly doing their job and that could cost the PF if not addressed.

Fr. Bwalya who constantly denounced the MMD rule, said there was a lot of good will for the PF government which they should not squander by violating the constitution.

He said president Sata will not be judged by how he would either create employment or fight corruption, but that he had an opportunity to leave a legacy by ending “the continued senseless wastage of money on the constitution making process” and enact a people’s constitution”.

Clad in a cream suit, with a whistle and rosary around his neck, the controversial clergyman said he had moved from red to white to signify that the PF had a lot of good will, but stated that as a “prophet”, he would continue blowing the whistle whenever necessary.

Asked why he was not flashing his red card in the face of increasing high cost of living such as high mealie-meal prices, he said he never showed a red card against the MMD against the high prices of goods, but because they had failed to govern and become corrupt.

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