Compulsory military training back

The PF government will next year re-introduce compulsory national youth service skills training for school-leavers at Zambia National Service (ZNS) camps countrywide, Parliament heard on Friday.
But the programme will not incorporate the rigorous military training aspect.

The focus will just be on imparting various entrepreneurial skills in youths.
Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili told Parliament that the training will be conducted in the 81 districts of the country over 18 months and will focus on training youths in various entrepreneurial skills.
Mr Kambwili announced the development in response to a question by Bahati member of Parliament (MP) Harry Kalaba (PF) who wanted to know the plans Government has for youth development.
This was during the question for oral answer session.
Mr Kambwili said once Cabinet approves the plan, Government will allocate funds in next year’s budget for the programme.
He said ZNS camps will be renovated and instructors to train the youths will be engaged.
Mr Kambwili said Government has decided to re-introduce the programme as the current number of colleges and universities in the country cannot absorb all school leavers.
He said Government wants to ensure that all youths acquire survival skills in the event that some of them do not enroll in tertiary learning institutions.
The minister said all school leavers will be enrolled in ZNS training camps regardless of the region they will have come from.
Mr Kambwili was responding to a follow-up question by Sesheke Central MP Siyauya Sianga (UPND) who asked about the criteria that will be used to enroll school leavers in the ZNS training camps.

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