Concentrate on your 90 days promises not RB, Chifire tells Sata

Concentrate on your 90 days promises not RB, Chifire tells Sata

Committee of Citizens director Gregory Chifire has advised President Michael Sata to concentrate on delivering on his campaign promises instead of diverting people’s attention by attacking his predecessor Rupiah Banda.

‘These attacks are prejudicial and premature, designed to plant a seed of hatred in the minds of citizens towards his predecessor,’ said Chifire in a statement to the Watchdog.

Chifire said Sata promised ‘massive developmental programs to be done within 90 calendar days, and as such do not have the luxury of time within their hands to look elsewhere other than concentrating on bringing about that development.’

He said ‘we wish to humbly appeal to the President to focus his energies on developmental programs as outlined in both National Development Plans and the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto as promised to Zambians during the campaigns.’

Chifire said Sata is now President of the Republic and should realize that his pronouncements go a long way in influencing society.

He said the obsession of attacking predecessors by serving Presidents should not be encouraged because it does not only set a bad presidency for the future but is also divisive.

‘On the issue of the Lexus, the President should have taken time to verify his facts because the Lexus in question where procured when Mr. Rupiah Banda was Republican Vice President and had nothing to do with the procurement decision at the time,’ Chifire said.

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