Condemned Kabwe roads contractor now goes to Kapiri

Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) Limited, the company that has created dust by grading main town roads in Kabwe has extended its ‘works’ to Kapiri in line with the KR165 million contract but residents have expressed concern at the company’s work culture.

According to the contract, ARZ will upgrade a total of 3.5 Kilometers of township roads to bituminous standard in Kapiri Mposhi district expected to be completed before the end of this year. The roads to be worked on include Tambalale, TAZARA and Independence.

ARZ Project Manager, John Nthuli confirmed the development in an interview in Kapiri today. Nthuli said that the contractor has moved on site and is currently surveying the roads and dumping gravel to prepare the roads for tarring.
He said that his company will commence with the stone base level after finishing compacting the gravel by July this year.

But Jean Musonda, a local businessman said it was suspicious that the company which has been condemned for shoddy works in Kabwe can promise the Kapiri people a good job.
“This company (ARZ) has been attacked left, right and center in Kabwe for their shoddy works and slow pace and now they are coming here to give us the same story that they have been attacked on in Kabwe, there is something fishy about this contractor,” said Musonda.

In Kabwe, the company has been criticised for slow and poor works which have led to high lead contaminated dust emmissions.
Kabwe District Commissioner Patrick Chishala and the two MPs Sydney Mushanga and James Kapyanga for Bwacha and Kabwe central constituencies respectively have at separate occassions expressed their displeasure at Asphalt roads who have been on site since last year with no tangible works done.

Provincial minister Philip Kosamu in October last year convened a special provincial development coordinating meeting at which the contractor was summoned and carpeted. The company promised to lay the tarmac after the rain season but have now extended to ‘about July’ while dust suppression on the graded roads has completely been overlooked.

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