Condemned Lungu bans his followers from commenting HH persecution

Condemned left right, centre, locally and internationally , Edgar Lungu has directed that no Minister or PF cadre should comment on the ongoing persecution of UPND leader Haikande Hichilema.

Lungu, who thought arresting HH was as easy as or similar to drinking tujilijili says all comments on the arrest of HH must be cleared by state house.

The whole world has condemned Lungu for arresting the man who many people won last year’s elections.

Imagine you put your enemy in prison but you are the one sweating with pressure.

This is now a globalised world bwana. Abuse of human rights or breakdown in the rule of law affects everyone in the world.


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    GTZ 10 months

    Sichisi are you normal?????

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    vuyo 10 months


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    Mpongo Muleya 10 months

    Dictators are not even willing to listen from comments and criticisms from their followers. They consider themselves more intelligent Than everybody. That is the way Hitler was. Those that are serving in Lungu’s Government when it is true that it is based on electoral malpractices are equally guilty of treason like their boss.

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    Zambian Watchdog seems to have only this story since yesterday. Could be they were relying on stories obtained from tapping prominent people. Can you imagine them now reporting on President Lungu’s directive yesterday even when they always want to cast whatever he says in negative light!

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    Francis 10 months

    My friend sichis you seem be lost,how could hh prove without court hearing him?And to you Lungu was sworn in.Do you know who is supposed to swear the president according to Zambian law?Desire the rule of law ..As it is now, the law is broken in every thing.How can you be with such situation?what about your children if you have any .God is bigger than so called Leaders .

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    Chuma 10 months

    The Problem in Zambia is Leadership failure. Lungu is Visionless and Clueless and is failing to lead his Party PF as well as his illegitimate govt properly. The mistake Lungu has made is to surround himself with thugs and Criminals who are more concerned about looting, self enrichment and retention of power thru violent means and abuse of the State Institutions like the Police, Courts and Parliament. Lungu and his Cabal are making all the decisions without consulting Cabinet or his PF Central Committee if it still exists. The defacto President is Kaizer Zulu and Lungu listens and implements his Criminal Advice 100%.The decision to Raid HH’s home and charge him with Treason was made by Lungu’s inner Cabal without any Cost Benefit Analysis. The Covert Presidential Motorcade Set up was done by KZ assisted by Amos Chanda, Kampyongo ,Kanganja etc and yet his so called Ministers are now being blamed for the debacle. Lungu and his inner Cabal have messed up and he is now silencing all Senior PF Officials. Lungu’s leadership is Dictatorial and a lot of Senior Party officials and Ministers are unhappy as they are not consulted in such decisions. Lungu’s strategy to steal elections, frustrate the Petition Hearing Process and to kill the Petition by persecuting the Petitioners is now backfiring big time. The decision to Raid HH’s House at Mid Nite and his subsquent arrest and detention on Treason Charges was a Public Relations Disaster.With this level of Human Rights Violations illegitimate Lungu’s govt will soon be slapped with Economic and Travel Sanctions. Mutati should forget about IMF money and Foreign Financial Assistance.Under the visionless and Illegitimate Lungu Regime ,Zambia is doomed.

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    Mungelezi 10 months

    just as you used to say on electrical load shading. The other formula to market someone is to fabricate stories about him.

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    thus why this zambian watchcow was closed coz to much fabrication & distortion of stories ,if he won why he was not declared & if so let him tell th nation where they manupulated naming the constituences so tht we makeup a follow

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    nwp mushala 10 months

    If u miss an opportunity u gain something.. arresting HH is failure to plan & planning to fail , not all medication heals some kills. Death entered earth through one person ,

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    chama 10 months

    SADC, EU, US must gather their armies and force this illegal president to prove his legitmacy through an impartial law. There should be no place for thuggery or criminal behaviour against innocent people in society. Zimbabwe is suffer because of overdosing with an expired leader.

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    HH is the real president 10 months

    How Zambia ended up with a fool for a president, nobody knows.