Conduct of traffic police officers


To the Minister of Home affairs and the Commissioner of Police, gentle I wish to commend you on the effort you are making in trying to clean up the Police Service – Traffic Section with regards to corruption.

I have noted with concern the disrespect your Police Officers from your Traffic section have shown to command. I recall you the Minister in charge of Police gave an order as to the number of ROAD BLOCKS to have on our Zambia roads, its regrettable that your voice cannot be heard.
Your men in uniform have turned the Police Service traffic section into a personal business venture, where there are now getting or luck of a better term raising funds for personal gain openly now.

1. The check point at collage – Mufulira is mounted as early as 05:00hrs and these officers will impound a vehicle, charge the driver and will direct him to the inspector in charge on the checkpoint who will be most likely be in his personal car at the checkpoint which there have turn into a government office, charged from there and if you demand for a receipt believe me, you will be given written paper with a Zambia Police stamp as a government receipt, private cars and mini buses are the most culprit- Mini Buses – K50 for the all day regardless you don’t have a driver license, no insurance, fitness e.t.c

2. Sabina Checkpoint- this is the waste Honorable Minster, these trucks loading logs from ZAFICO, this truck are not roadworthy but this is the deal, you paid K150 per day, you have bought the road the all day. Now this is the situation on the ground your Officers have made it a business such that there is even a minimum take home pay from this check point (pay point). Gentle men if we left this situation go unchecked I’m sorry we will be worse than Congo Dr. we shall be seeing corruption as normal business.

3. Please make change rooms for your Traffic Officers- Reason, these men and women are now abusing these uniforms because now we don’t know whether one is on duty or has knocked off. We need these officers to change into their uniforms at their station and leave them at the station so we are able to tell that yes Segt Mwa…., Insp….Fwa…. is now on duty.


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