Confidential document given to Sata by Statistics offices says PF has only created 61 000 jobs

Confidential document given to Sata by Statistics offices says PF has only created 61 000 jobs

A confidential document compiled by Central Statistics Office (CSO) and given to president Michael Sata shows that the PF government has so far created only 61 000 jobs and most of them manual and temporal as opposed to the lies that more tan 600 000 jobs have been created.

President Michael Sata himself recently posted on his Facebook page run by fellow illiterates inside State House such as George Chellah some fake breakdown of jobs that have been created.

He claimed that the PF government has so far created more than 660,000 jobs since coming into office.

As usual, Zambian Watchdog team entered Sata’s ‘highly guarded, protected and secure’ colonial office inside State House and picked this document from Michael Sata’s table.

The document show that the PF have only created 61,673 jobs from January 2012 to September 2013 as opposed to the lies you have been fade on his fake Facebook page which lazy government journalists like quoting.

When MMD lost power in September 2011, they left 921,423 jobs of which 3,743 were lost mostly in the mining sector after outsourced mining contractors’ contract with Vale, Avatech and those operating with KCM were terminated after elections in October and November 2011.

The official Central Statistics Office employment numbers clearly show that in January 2012 the total number of formal employment were 917,680 and at the end of September 2013 the numbers were only 979,353.

Though we know many in PF don’t know how to calculate, simple mathematics clearly show that PF between January 2012 and September 2013 created only 61,673 jobs.

Sata asked the CSO office to give him a report on the number of jobs his government had created so far and the CSO gave him the highly confidential document. But Sata decided to go and do what he knows best – tell lies.

At the beginning of March 2014 even vice-president Guy Scott who recently likened Kabwata MP to a dog, lied in the ‘honourable’ parliament that they created 660,000 jobs in the 29 months they have been in power as at end of February 2014.

But he was telling those lies when his boss Michael Sata had these correct figures inside his office which clearly show that PF only created 61,673.

We now challenge the PF to dispute this official but highly confidential government document, which they have from Central Statistics Office and it, is right inside Mr. Sata and Scott’s offices.

If we were to believe the PF lies of job creation of more than 660,000 since they came into office, it would imply that between October 2013 and February 2014 in a matter of 5 months they created 598,327 which could be a miracle.

We also challenge any courageous Member of Parliament to raise a Point of Order when parliament resumes against Guy Scott for having misled the house and the nation and lay this document on the floor of the house.

In fact, Zambian Watchdog will soon publish a company by company and ministry by ministry, NGOs, etc job statistics that have been created to date apart from this CSO summary report which we got from Mr. Sata’s office.

Warning to PF, you will no longer be lying to the nation as we have all statistics on iCloud and we shall be releasing them to the nation in bits.

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