Confirmed: Chimese being investigated for stealing $ 62m

Confirmed: Chimese being investigated for stealing $ 62m

Former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander Eric Chimese is being investigated for stealing more than US$ 62 Million he purportedly used to buy uniforms for soldiers.

But prosecuting Lieutenant General Chimese is proving difficult as he has promised that ‘I am not going down alone’.

General Chimese is also being investigate for stealing money meant for buying planes. It is alleged that Chimese was authorised to buy one presidential plane, but he ordered seven additional planes. Four were paid for while government still has to pay for the other four. Apart from exceeding the number of planes he was authorised to procure, he inflated the costs of each and stole the difference. We will produce the figures in due course.

On the US$ 62 Million, the soldier of fortune was told to procure assorted uniforms and boots for soldiers for $3.5 Million. He inflated the cost by $62,810,672.50 million. He and defence permanent secretary Stardy Mwale single sourced a questionable firm called ‘BHB Contractor Limited’ to supply the uniforms. This BHB Contractor was just a front for some Chinese suppliers.

The inflated contract was signed on 11th August 2017 by Defence PS, Mwale who represented the Government while BHB Contractor Limited was represented by a Mr Mubanga as Managing Director while witnesses were Mr Fumai Nyambe, a director at Ministry of defence and Gen Wilfred Mbewe of ZAF.




Chimese then fired ZAF Chief of supply and procurement Brig Gen Wilfred Mbewe who was throughout opposed to this unimaginable theft.


But security sources tell the Watchdog that Chimese is now ‘done’ pleading for mercy and is actually daring the government to arrest him. According to sources, Chimese is threatening to reveal all the people he shared the money with. One person whose name has come our prominently is defence minister Davis Chama.

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