Confirmed: Lungu to leave for Asia on Wednesday

Confirmed: Lungu to leave for Asia on Wednesday

1509943_924735030910581_4172308077981272472_nJust as revealed by the Watchdog when president Edgar Lungu was in a South African hospital, it has now been confirmed that he will depart for Asia tomorrow.

But his handlers say he is going for Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference 2015. (The same one late Michael Sata addressed before going into hospital)

According to his handlers, Lungu will tour Shekou Industrial Park; meet managers of Huawei Technologies Company Limited and ZTE Corporation. It is not clear why Lungu will meet these managers. No wonder such companies come to Zambia to abuse workers, get contracts and do shoddy jobs as they know that even the head of state will plead to tour their facilities. It shows how ‘small’ the Zambian president is. In other countries, such companies go to meet ministers in their countries not the president pleading to meet the sales managers at their offices. He will also meet managers of China Non-ferrous Metal Mining Corporation (CNMC) and some council officials. Why can’t he just meet Luanshya Copper Mines directors right here in Zambia?

Lungu will also have a chance to meet Chinese president Xi Jinping and thank China over and over like others have done for constructing a rail line in Zambia.

Yet, the truth remains that the main reason for this trip is medication. Somewhere between these meeting, Lungu will be meeting doctors. He will probably be sleeping at hospital.

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