Confirmed: more than 70% of Sata’s MPs won’t be adopted

Just like the Watchdog has been wrriting, PF chairman for elections  Mpakata Musonda has revealed that  the PF was rebranding itself ahead of the 2016 general elections and warned that 70 per cent of the current ruling party members of parliament will not be readopted next year.

Most of these will be replaced by pro-Rupiah Banda supporters.

“As chairman for elections in the PF, we expect to pick candidates that are going to win us elections. The truth of the matter is that any ruling party, come the general elections, 70 per cent of them naturally fall off. That’s the natural thing; that’s the norm that has been there politically and we won’t change that,” said Musonda. “And we are going to be very, very careful in the selection of candidates for 2016. We want candidates who are going to bring value in the party; people who are going to give us the necessary votes, not for the sake of just riding on the ruling party ticket, no! We have already had some lessons and these lessons, we are making amends for 2016 that come 2016, any candidate we are going to adopt at local government, parliamentary level should add value to the election result.”


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