Confirmed: ZNBC editors face contempt of court proceedings

The UPND legal team has commenced contempt proceedings against ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza, Assignments editor Kennedy Bwalya and reporter Hannock Kasama for published a false story that the Constitutional Court had struck out some grounds in the petition when no such decision was made by the court.
Lawyers close to the case told the Zambian watchdog that the lawyers would apply to the court that the three be cited for contempt of court for publishing a false story aimed at influencing the court and misleading the public over the petition.
There is hightened desperation within the Patriotic Front ranks over the petition and they have since engage some discredited reporters like former Post correspondent Tilyenji to write fake stories over the petition.
“Emmanuel Mwamba is working with this group of reporters to mislead the public over the proceedings of the petition.
“Muvi TV and other stations were deliberately closed so that the public doesn’t really know what is happening. They are trying to create an impression that the petition has already failed in the mind of Zambians as they try hard to get their own favourable judges to decide on this landmark case, ” said a source in the PF.
According to the source there will be a lot of fake stories about the petition just to deceive the Zambia people.
“Just watch how things will unfold in the next few days. Mwamba came back over the weekend and immediately he started with getting Muvi to close right now he and others are busy trying to reach the Constitutional court judges,” the source said

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