Conflicted DPP Shawa must go

Conflicted DPP Shawa must go


*** New Dawn government will not successfully prosecute any PF plunderer. Everyone can already see that.

As Watchdog, we have always known and wrote that the current DPP is incompetent and has always been there to serve the interests of PF.

Right now, the DPP is willfully refusing to prosecute any cases involving PF corruption, or she is actively sabotaging any processes that are supposed to be in court.

On the other hand, DPP Lillian Shawa Siyunyi is allowing PF lawyers to privately prosecute UPND sympathizers or political activists such as Chitambala Mwewa. Why should issues of defamation be criminalized when people who feel defamed can sue the defamer in civil courts?

But when other people who are not aligned to PF tried to use this same method of privately prosecuting wrong doers in PF, the DPP quickly took over the cases and discontinued them.

Why is she not doing the same now?

It is wrong for a DPP to belong to a political party. The DPP should be non partisan.

The UPND governments needs to urgently remove the the current DPP and appoint a professional and neutral DPP to prosecute plunders but also law breakers even within UPND. We don’t think that the current DPP can be relied upon to handle cases of corruption in the past regime of PF because she is a member of that political party. She is compromised and conflicted. We also think that people sympathetic to UPND cannot be treated professionally under Lillian Shawa Siyunyi.


19 June 2017: The PF is in the process of taking over the case in which a magistrate court has cited minister of PF religious Affairs Godridah Sumaili for contempt of court.

This is in the matter where Hakainde Hichilema filed a contempt of court complaint against minister Sumaili.

Meanwhile, HH is not even in court and it’s not even clear if he has been transferred from Mukobeko as ordered by the court.

The Director of Public Prosecutions office has just informed the court that it will take over the matter from HH’s lawyers.

Once the DPP takes over the case, the state will withdraw the matter from the court at set Sumaili free. This is how the PF abuses state institutions.

Sumaili is in court.
Magistrate Irene Washimanga has called the lawyers and prosecutors in to her office.

Court adjourns..

Zambian Watchdog (4 years ago)
DPP takes over Amos Chanda case and immediately discontinues it

Here is one perfect example of abuse of power.

With impunity, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Shawa Siyunyi has entered a nolle prosequi in the case where Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda and Daily Nation Newspaper owner Richard Sakala were facing contempt of court charges.

Chanda, Sakala were scheduled to appear before Magistrate Felix Kaoma at 12:00 hours today in a matter where UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema applied to cite them for contempt.

Chanda is accused of making prejudicial remarks on Aljazeera TV.

It was HH’s lawyers who took Chanda and Sakala to court but in yet another clear example of abuse of power, the PF regime took over the matter just to stop it.

Remember we told you when the DPP applied to take over a similar case involving religious minister Sumaili that the aim is to enter a nolle?

And when people take the law in their own hands you complain!

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  • comment-avatar
    Bernard Mbenga 6 days ago

    The very partisan Siyunyi simply must vacate office. She is too compromised to continue in her current role. She clearly  has a PF agenda to fulfill.

  • comment-avatar

    Government is made up of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Any government agency which is not part of the legislature and the judiciary is therefore part of the executive no matter the legal fiction of existing as an independent agency. It follows that the DPP is part of the executive and can be influenced by the executive if they want to do that. Often it starts the president, minister of justice and the attorney general and ends with the decision being taken by the DPP seemingly independent. That’s how it works. It’s not done every day but it’s done occasionally in cases that the executive is interested in. But the DPP can do it alone also. That’s how things work.

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    Its just a matter of time she will have to go due to un professional conduct.

  • comment-avatar

    The unprecedented number of Nolle Prosquis issued by DPP Siyunyi shows that this lady cannot serve under the New Dawn Govt led by HH who she persecuted. The DPP was controlled by ECL and PF and must go as she doesn’t stand for Justice under the New Dispensation.

  • comment-avatar
    FuManchu 1 week ago

    Just a matter of time as it has already dawned on the DPP whose blood pressure is probably reacting differently with each dawn and dusk, that its just a question of when the eagle lands!

  • comment-avatar
    Citizen 1 week ago

    All rooten eggs must be removed immediately. This is one of the reasons we voted for change.