Confused Frank Bwalya reports GBM to PF Police for vowing to campaign against outgoing President Lungu

The confused and desperate Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has reported UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba to the Police over his statement that he will go for the throat of President Edgar Lungu.
Briefing journalists after reporting Mr Mwamba at Lusaka Central Police this morning, Bwalya said he has decided to report the UPND vice president for administration to the Police alleging that he previously made similar ‘threatening’ remarks pertaining to the life of outgoing President Lungu.
He said he hopes the PF Police will open an inquiry to look into the so called threats Mr Mwamba made on the life of the President.
Bwalya alleges that the statement issued by Mr. Mwamba after being released from Police cells yesterday that he will now go for the throat of President Lungu and visit all provinces should not be taken lightly.
Mr Mwamba yesterday promised to go out round the country to de-campaign outgoing President Edgar Lungu.

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