‘Confused looking’ Sata fails to launch Chinsali road project

‘Confused looking’ Sata fails to launch Chinsali road project

President Michael Sata Wednesday afternoon refused to launch the Chinsali-Chama road project in Muchinga province to the shock of dignatories and donors who went to witness the heavily advertised event.

The people who went to witness the launch were left scratching their heads and wondering  that the president was either sick or confused by something.

Sata jumped out of his helicopter, rushed to the podium and started shouting at the officials there.

He told the officials to stand up and told them that he expected to find a road there and not to launch a road.

Former president Kenneth Kaunda who is following Sata around was also present.

Sata was only on the ground for about 5 minutes to shout at  officials before jumping back onto his chopper abandoning the whole programme.

Earlier in Shiwangandu, one of Sata’s accompanying helicopters crush-landed shortly after take off but no one was hurt.

Mr. Sata had gone to Chinsali district in Muchinga province to commission the $4.3 million one Mega watt Shiwangandu mini hydro power station.

During the launch, President Michael Sata observed that the country’s power deficit situation was at a critical stage.

He directed ZESCO to carry out a feasibility study in the country and establish where more mini power hydro stations can be developed.

He noted that the increasing power demand and the absence of investments in new energy infrastructure over the past years has rendered the
available power supply increasingly limited and unavailable for expansion to areas where people have no access to electricity.


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