Confusion over ownership of Dr. Chikusu’s funeral, PF moves to identify successor

The treachery behaviour by late Health deputy minister Dr. Patrick Chikusu has now led to confusion over the ownership of the funeral between the MMD and the PF.

And a delegation from the ruling PF has already started hunting for a possible candidate for Katuba constituency, even before Dr. Chikusu is buried and funeral concluded.

Dr. Chikusu, who died in South Africa while chasing for better medical facilities running away from pathetic health system in Zambia, was Katuba MP under MMD but joined the PF government.

Family sources have told the Watchdog that they are not sure which of the two organisations will assume responsibility and ownership of the funeral.

“You know in our African set-up, someone should be receiving mourners and messages of condolences. But in this case, people are not sure whether to send messages of condolences to the PF leadership under or the party that sponsored him to parliament the MMD. These are some of the challenges one faces when you belong to two parallel organisation and it is like our uncle never foresaw this,” a close family member has told the Watchdog.

Sources said as a result of this confusion, the family now fear crushes between rival parties as each one may want to claim him and gain some sympathies for the up-coming by-election in Katuba.

Meanwhile family members say they are disappointed that the ruling PF senior leadership is busy asking them to identify a possible candidate for Katuba constituency even before their relative is buried.

“Can you imagine some PF leaders have been asking us who could be the strong candidate for Katuba to replace our uncle even before he is buried. They are busy asking us for the contacts for the gentleman who stood as an independent and came third in 2011 elections. This is being insensitive to the man we thought they loved so much,” said a close family relation.

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