Congolese opposition leader vows to eradicate corruption

Congolese opposition leader vows to eradicate corruption

Étienne Tshisekedi

Opposition leader and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Presidential candidate Étienne Tshisekedi says he will implement new anti-corruption laws governing public sector officials and create an effective judicial system to prosecute individuals accused of crimes on DRC home soil.

There are many individuals guilty of terrible crimes over the past two decades; however, prolonging a policy of sending them abroad to face trial will only encourages protracted arm conflict and violence.

Tshisekedi said, “We will work with the International Criminal Court and international community to build a justice system that is capable of bringing sound and transparent justice to those who commit the most terrible crimes in our country. It is only this policy that will help bring peace to the Eastern provinces of the Congo.”

The Congolese Justice system also must be strong enough to face down corruption in our society. Corruption is holding back economic growth in the DRC and a new Government led by Étienne Tshisekedi will start to eradicate corruption.

“The eradication of corruption in our society must come from the top down. We need a President who will act with complete moral integrity. We need a President who will not allow his close group of friends and advisers to get rich at the expense of the Congolese people,” Tshisekedi added. “It is only when the President is transparent that the rest of society is able to follow. All of this can become a reality if we vote for change in November.”

The leading opposition candidate said he would impose new anti-corruption laws that will require all public sector employees to refuse and denounce bribes. Severe punishments would be imposed on those in the public sector who breach corruption laws. He said he would will take it upon himself to write to all Judges, Governors, heads of police and business directors to inform them that a new Government is in place and that, contrary to how it used to be under the last Government, corruption will no longer be tolerated in the DRC. All foreign nationals found to be breaking the law by paying bribes in the DRC will be deported and banned from staying in the country.

“We must do better than the current Government. The International Crisis Group described the mandate of the current Government as “catastrophic” with regards to its battle against corruption. Corruption is a like a disease which is destroying all chances of future prosperity,” Tshisekedi stated. “It is time for transparency, for justice and for economic growth. It is time for change.”

Mr. Tshisekedi’s entire plan for a better DRC can be found by clicking here.  Click here to view Mr. Tshisekedi’s national address to the people of Congo.

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