Congolese soldiers abduct 20 Zambian fishermen from Lake Mweru

Twenty Zambian fishermen have been abducted by Congolese marine soldiers on lake Mweru in Luapula province.
The incident happened around 02 hours Saturday morning when a total of 32 Zambian fishermen were caught by the soldiers.
Luapula province deputy police commissioner Aaron Mushanga said the Zambians were later tied to a marine boat enroute to the neighbouring Nkole Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Commissioner Mushanga told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the marine boat engine later broke down and 12 Zambian fishermen managed to overpower one Congolese solder and diverted with him to the Zambian side of
Potole Island.
Mushanga said police have since launched a manhunt for the remaining 20 Zambian fishermen who are still being held on Nkole Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
He said police will first rescue the Zambians at Potole Island on the Zambian side before retrieving the remaining 20 .
Mushanga said it is believed the Congolese marine solders were not in uniform but are  armed with two unknown rifles which they used when abducting the Zambian fishermen.

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