Congrats HH

By Chishala Kateka

The worst part of it is that the real risk is not just to people’s jobs. The very peace and stability we have enjoyed these past 50 years may be lost at any time now due do the crisis of confidence now facing our national security apparatus. And terrorists from across the globe will now be looking at Zambia as potentially fertile ground for their activities. Government is now distracted trying to appear to do something about HH. Donors will start withholding funding on the (unfair) perception that government is harassing its political opponents. Investors with avoid Zambia like the plague for fear of the now highly volatile political environment and fragile security situation. This will increase the downward strain on our fast depreciating currency and lead to scarcity and even higher inflation in the local economy. The stalling economy will result in more joblessness and increased social strife. One has to congratulate HH for this masterful plan to frustrate the PF government’s development agenda by destabilizing the country. And it seems Edgar Lungu has taken the bait. In my opinion, he should not have publicly instructed the police to go after HH. We have a professional police service that should be empowered and given operational space to exercise it’s discretion professionally. The apparent politicization of the police service is what the opposition is trying to showcase as a way of discrediting the ruling party. The PF government will only have itself to blame for not having taken the moral high ground on this matter

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