Conman Mukwita lied, Sweden has not unblocked funding to Zambia

Contrary to the usual pack of lies by the PF government through Zambian diplomat Anthony Mukwita, Swedish government has yet to unblock the funding to the Zambia’s Ministry of Health.

Anthony Mukwita, a known conman in Zambian journalism circles, and now deputy head of mission in Sweden cheated the Zambian government and made screaming headlines in government media that the Swedish government has unblocked funding to the Zambian government.

Everyone wondered how a credible regime like that of Sweden would release funding to the wasteful PF regime that is spending close to US3000 dollars per day for the upkeep on former first lady Christine Kaseba-Sata at a plush lodge in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area.

Swedish deputy head of mission to Zambia David Wiking diplomatically noted there was ‘some’ agreement to unblock the funding but the Swedish government is waiting for certain things to be done by the PF regime before the funding can resume.

Conman Mukwita is actually just a deputy Ambassador and was not even supposed to be the one to issue that embarrassing statement for both governments.

PF is currently on a huge spending spree of buying defectors huge sums of money.


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