Conmen in the loose

Dear Editor,

I could like to expose a new scheme of our fellow Zambian bent to steal from others, our company has been a victim, we received a call on a south african number +27633824499 Mr Chris Adams from cape town was on the line & said works for British Museum he adquately described our company and that some one gave him our contact details.

His request was that they had assigned a group of people in western province to look for old coins where there is king George, these coins where meant for the British Museum in cape town but langauge appeared to be the biggest challenge with these people so our job was just to find out how far and this gentle man flies into the country to buy the coins each was worth $10 000, as for our company the role was facilitation then that effort the British Museum shall reward with a $1000. We where given this mobile number to call the leader of the group 0965276436 we called this line a man named Mundia picked the call and we narrated everything which he agreed they where given the task 3 years ago and they have 8 coins from the list given and they where ready to travel to Lusaka and handle over the collection but the challenge they had was transport for the two gentle men travel to Lusaka. We phoned Chris Adams who appeared exicted about 8 coins found and said will be on the next plane to Zambia and promised if we facilitate there movement he shall re fund us, we sent transport money to this Mr Mundia in kalabo through Zoona and later the next day Mr Adams called that his already in the country waiting for us at inter continental hotel, we travelled from the copperbelt to lusaka when we reached the hotel both phones for chris adams and mundia in kalabo went off and has been off since then two weeks now. A check at the hotel there was no record of chris adam. Investigations has revealed the man we sent money to is not Mundia But MATOMOLA. P. PUTEHO NRC:166129/85/1 & NO Chris Adams works British Museum with mobile +27633824499

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