Consent Judgment in Ultimate Insurance was fake, admit lawyers

Consent Judgment in Ultimate Insurance was fake, admit lawyers


The lawyers who ostensibly signed a consent judgment that Chanda Katotobwe used to take control of Ultimate Insurance Company say it was not enforceable ( it’s invalid).

ULTIMATE Insurance Company Limited had challenged Charles Siamutwa Legal Practitioners to explain why the law firm involved itself into misleading a High Court Judge to issue a consent judgement in a matter where Katotobwe illegally took over the company.

This is in a matter where Tomorrow Investments Limited Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chanda Katotobwe fraudulently acquired shares of Ultimate Insurance Company Limited through a forged consent judgement.

Katotobwe working with three other directors, Justin Phiri, Klein Syampongo and Maybin Silavwe, but unknown to other shareholders in the company, conspired and signed a consent judgement that enabled him to illegally take ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company Limited.

Documents discovered at the Lusaka High Court commercial registry show that Katotobwe became the lawful owners of the entire issued capital of Ultimate Insurance company Limited which was also a defendant in the matter.

But later, Ultimate Insurance Company, said Howard Situmba the person who signed the consent judgement on behalf of the company is not a lawyer.

Ultimate Insurance say the law firm that represented the company over the consent judgement, Imasiku and Company was not even operational at the time the judgement was entered.

In the consent judgement, Katotobwe was represented by Siamutwa and Company, while directors Justin Phiri, Klein Syampongo and Maybin Silavwe were represented by Mulenga and Company.

The company itself, Ultimate Insurance Limited was represented by Imasiku and Company, but this law firm ceased to exist before the alleged consent judgment was signed. But a quack known as Howard Situmba, working with Katotobwe signed the fake consent judgment on behalf of a law firm that was not in existence.

When asked by Ultimate Insurance, Katotobwe’s lawyers said they did not know if Situmba was a lawyer or not. (Zambian lawyers for you. How can you sign legal papers, a judgment for that matter without verifying the credentials of the other party?)

Katotobwe’s lawyers further explain that the consent judgment was unenforceable, meaning it’s not valid. So if this judgment was invalid, how did Katotobwe become owner of Ultimate Insurance? Using his position as owner of Ultimate Insurance, Katotobwe has caused the arrest of his rivals and directors of a government agency.

During the Mwanawasa era, Katotobwe was blacklisted from government contracts due to his conduct but came back during the Sata regime to resume his unethical practices.

Katotobwe has meanwhile hired 10 people to post comments in his favour on this platform. The hired guns are using different fake names, the same methods Katotobwe is known for.

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