Consequences of expelling GBM

The Post Newspaper is pushing an agenda that has the potential to hurt President Sata and PF Government in their quest to have GBM expelled and probed. I’m 10 younger than the President and I have seen governments come and go because they refused to do what was right. I have been with PF since formation and it is sad to read what is going on in the party. The presi…dent is not listening as he should. He made a mistake on Chief Jumbe and chitimukulu. Chiefs will cost the presidency if not resolved quickly.

Post Newspaper is using megaphones like Davies Mwila for an agenda he least understands. Davies Mwila was praising GBM during budgeting estimates for ministry of defense and today he wants to fight GBM? He must listen to his debate before saying what he is saying.

As one of PF’s founder members, I would advise President Sata not to go for GBM’s expulsion and probing because it will come at great cost to PF. My advise to young men like Mwila trying to redeem himself by championing calls for GBM’s probe is to think twice and consider possible implications.

If the young man Mwila was honourable and has evidence that GBM misconducted himself, why didn’t he raise these issues at the time they worked together?

Looking at the financial role GBM has played in PF, it will be interesting to see how wide the investigations will go. GBM will likely be cleared because his business empire has been built and well-known to so many Zambians within and outside for years. The probes will definately open a pandoras box. The wise have said that people who live in houses of grass must not throw stones. Zambians can only wish PF good luck because looking at the number of people who went into government as paupers and how much money they have made, a lot of dirt will be revealed. What is the benefit of washing dirt linen in public like the controversial $100000 the MMD investigated shortly before elections?

The chiefs are not happy with PF for many reasons including chitimukulu’s persecution. Customary land has been taken from them as they have no powers to sale. No chief is happy and people must not lie to our President.

I appeal to the president to listen to men and women of wisdom, even from catholic church before it is too late. Ukwali insoke, takwafwile bantu, our cousins the bembas say. Please reconcile with your brother Mwamba, its not too late for peace. The two of you should not divide the bemba-speaking people.

Kasama resident/PF die-hard member

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