ZIALE continues conspiracy of deliberately failing aspiring lawyers

Dear Wtchdog,

Kindly carry out an investigation on the conspiracy being carried out by The Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) on the following:

1. The failure rate at the Institution has reached alarming proportions hitting a 90+ percent high, as at the last sitting. The aspirations of many Law graduates to become legal practitioners have not come to fruition because of the high and deliberate failing of students at ZIALE. The knowledge and skills the many of us have acquired have been lost due to the fact that employment prospects for law graduates without a Legal Practitioners qualification (i.e. admission to the Bar) are very minimal.

2. The “ Five Year” ban on students who fail to clear after three (3) attempts is no longer in the National interest and needs to be reviewed or better still abolished. This would entail amending Rule 23 of The Legal Practitioners Act Chapter 30 0f The Laws of Zambia. Law firms and other organizations including Government prefer to have lawyers in their establishment who have been called to the bar to those who have not and will not keep or employ for five years lawyers of the latter type and where they unexpectedly do so, it will be for tasks and duties that do not fully conform with the levels of education and training that the most Law graduates have acquired.

Autthor’ name witheld

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