Constitution does not permit us to employ, PF cheats youths

PF on the copperbelt is going around telling youths that if you bring 100 registered voters to join PF, you will be employed in Zesco, Zamtel & Defense.
I was with my fellow job-seekers loitering around the outer premises of labour Office. Normally, job-seekers converge at the outside labour office premises awaiting contractors who come there to engage them on short term projects (piece work). As a jobless youth who wants to eat, on monday this week I happened to be part of the group which converged outside labour office looking for piece work. What happens there is, if we see a car approaching & it gives signs of parking, we run towards it while pushing each other here & there to be in a position where a contractor can spot you & pick you for piece work. As we were there & after many hours of waiting, we saw a Car approaching & we all ran there. Infact, there was almost a stampede as we ran towards the car. When we got there, we were surprised to see that it was a Campaign vehicle for PF & it had Lungu’s portraits with words on it reading, ”vote for Edgar Lungu 2016′. About four men disembarked from this vehical & started campaigning for PF. They said, ”We have been sent by Edgar Lungu to give you a message of hope. Edgar wants your votes on 11th August so that he employs you. At the moment he can not employ you because the contitution forbids him. Our constitution forbids Government to employ in the year of the elections for fear of people to take it as campaign. Edgar loves you & he would have employed you had it not been for elections this year. If today he employs you, HH & UPND will stand up & say PF have started campaigning by giving people jobs. That we don’t want because as PF, we don’t want to be perceived as a corrupt party. We hate corruption & we can not condone it. Since the constitution forbids government to employ in the year of elections, we can only employ a few of you so that HH does not suspect anything. Before we employ a few of you, we would love to ask for a favour from you and that is, bring 100 registered voters to come & join PF. If you do that, the following day you will be employed at Zesco, Zamtel or Defense. The reason why we want you to bring 100 people is not because we want to use you but because we want to have a lot of people to vote for Edgar. Only Edgar can give you Jobs so if you bring a lot of people to join PF, Edgar will win the elections & employ all of you. As PF, we wanted to employ 500000 youths but LAZ told us that the constitution does not allow Government to employ in the year of elections. If you make a mistake & vote for another party, you will remain jobless for the rest of you lives because only Edgar can employ you. If Edgar wins elections this year, he wants to remove the provision on the constitution which forbids Government to employ in the year of elections so that nothing stops him from creating jobs at all times. If you want to join PF you can come to our offices in kabushi or chifubu. Its important for you to join our party because before we employ others we start with you. And the…
Mark M

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