constitutional amendment bill 2019 embarrassing

By Laura Miti

Bill 10 – How was it allowed?

The Constitutional Amendment Bill (10 of 2019) is an absolute embarrassment. Tries to kill Parliament, the Judiciary, Bank of Zambia, retirees, elections. It’s got the dark intentions of a serial killer,

Then it is a technical mess. It says an independent MP must meet the qualifications set out in Article 70 (of the current Constitution.) Then later repeals Article 70????????????‍♀️.

I really hope that one day the nation will get to hear how the experts in the Ministry of Justice wrote such a bizarre and draconian document.

My guess is politicians overruled expert advise. No way would even an entry level drafter come up with such a badly written document. Senior lawyers and drafters certainly would not let it see the light of day unless they had no choice in the matter.


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