Constitutional court refuses to take custody of ballots

Constitutional court refuses to take custody of ballots

The Constitutional Court has rejected an application by UPND for the court to take custody of ballot papers from the recent elections to safeguard against manipulation.

Judge Annie Mwewa Sitali said :

“I have considered the affidavits and arguments filed in support by both parties as well as oral arguments.”

“This court has jurisdiction to hear an application for interim relief and the application is properly before me”.

“In view of the fact that the verification process is statutory requirement and the ECZ has statutory responsibility to safeguard the election materials The application by the Petitioners is not tenable at law”.

“The application fails and is dismissed”.

The Court also ruled on the injunction:

“Regarding an order of injunction as prayed by the petitioner, ECZ has statutory duty to safeguard election materials”.

“Petitioners have not provided evidence of the basis of their apprehension that the ECZ will tamper with election materials”.

“I dismiss the application accordingly”.

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