Constitutional court throws out PF application

Constitutional court throws out PF application


This is why ZNBC said nothing about the petition today. It is for the same reason that Emmanuel Mwamba did not update the Facebook page he compromised recently and is, from South Africa, posting photos of Edgar Lungu looking in a book.

The Constitutional Court today threw out the application by the Registra of the Constitutional Court that there is no space to keep the election materials.

The court ruled that the Registra being a judicial officer has no legal standing, because the registrar ‘s affidavit seemed to support the interests of the Respondent (Edgar Lungu and others).

UPND lawyers argued that the Registrar is a judicial officer and therefore ,his affidavit be expanged.

In delivering the ruling , the Constitutional Court Judge ruled in favour of UPND.

Meanwhile the court has allowed an application from the UPND to amend the petition which will come up before the court on Monday 29th August 2016 at 9hrs .

On Tuesday ,the Respondents’ lawyers (Edgar Lungu and others’ lawyers) must file an answer.

There was drama in court when PF-lawyers in their usual style of confusion almost claimed not to have been served with the application by the petitioners (UPND ) to amend the petition and they ended up giving contradictory statements.

Some PF-lawyers said they have not been served while others said they have been served.

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