Consumers in Chipata complain over new mealie meal prices

Consumers in Chipata, Eastern province, have expressed concern that the increase in mealie meal prices will affect them negatively as mealie meal was a basic need for most households.

Saliya Banda said prices for any maize products in the country should be kept low, adding that this is because maize was a staple food and should be accessed by all Zambians.

Ms Banda said with the increase in the cost of living many people find it hard to afford three meals in a day but now the KR5 increment in the prices of mealie meal it would make the situation worse.

Yesterday Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Robert Sichinga in a UNIP style price controls announced a revision in the retail prices of mealie meal from KR50 to KR55 for a 25 kg bag of breakfast meal.

The increase also comes at a time when civil servant have received a minimal salary increment effective September, even when the collective agreement expired on the last day of February 2013.

Technically, the PF government imposed a wage freeze from February to September this year.

The new financial year begins in October of each year.

Early this year, the Watchdog revealed that the PF government had imposed a wage freeze.

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