Contaminated crude oil at Indeni

When the cheap contaminated crude oil saga first appeared in the media, I know many people perceived reports from other news media houses which are not under government control as merely an attempt to discredit the PF led government. Hearing it from Minister C. Yaluma while in Kasempa North Western Province, when he appeared on ZNBC news on 9th August 2015, admitting that Indeni is being fed with contaminated Crude oil which they are now treating with chemicals to save equipment raises a lot of questions than answers. The Energy minister did not address the issue of responsibility in his statement, he did not also talk about what measures will be employed to help the end users of the contaminated product that came from Indeni prior to them starting using the so called chemical. The minister did not address the issue of who will pay the extra cost of processing the said contaminated crude. The other issue which needs addressing is the health aspect. Paramount as Zambians we are left to wonder as to who is who here? The petroleum sector is one of the key drivers of our economy, meaning if people mess up this sector, crippling the entire is a possibility. We could like to know who allowed this scenario to reach this far? Those who sabotage our installations are usually pursued and questioned, it goes without saying that, those who sabotage our economy should receive the same treatment.


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