Continue campaigning for the best candidate- MMD Chair for Legal

MMD MPs – Your seats are safe, campaign for the best candidate

Following the warning issued by MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba that those MPs supporting other candidates may lose their seats I wish to make it clear that he has no such authority to write to the Speaker of Parliament and declare MMD MP seats vacant without there having been a disciplinary process followed by a Resolution of the National Executive Committee. In my position as MMD Chairperson for Legal Affairs I can confirm that according to the MMD constitution he has no such power and as such this is an empty threat.

As things stand, Dr Mumba does not have sufficient support of party NEC members to convene a meeting and take disciplinary action. In fact his numbers do not even come close.

I therefore wish to urge our MPs to continue your campaigns for who you believe to be the best candidate for your constituents and for Zambia as a nation in the forthcoming elections to be held on 20 January 2015.

We should not be afraid of cross-party support where we agree on certain values and proposals, such as the need for the new constitution, improved economic management and better treatment of our farmers, students and fellow Zambians across the country.

Bradford Machila

MMD Chairperson for Legal Affairs

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