Continued rejection angers Lungu

Continued rejection angers Lungu


PF’s img_1496Edgar Lungu says citizens who continue to refuse acknowledging him as Republican President risk facing severe consequences.

Lungu says people rejecting his ‘Presidency’ thought they were playing games, the consequences could be bad for them.

Speaking on arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone on Tuesday , the PF President claimed he was President for all Zambians even those who did not vote for him in the previous General Election.

Lungu had gone to Livingstone ahead of a visit by the Moroccan King Mohammed VI.

“Some of you might be wondering what I am doing in Livingstone. This is the tourist capital and if you do not accept me as President, then accept me as a tourist,” he said.

Lungu further said he was free to visit any place in the country as Zambia was his constituency.

“I am free to go to any place in Zambia because the country is my constituency. Thus, am responsible for all Zambians including those who did not vote for me; I am responsible for their health, education and all that government is obligated to do,” he said.

Lungu said even those who did not acknowledge him as President were welcome to benefit from his services.

He however, said he would not force anyone to work with him and added that those who refused to recognize him as President should not complain when he ignored them.

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