Contract renewal for Indeni MD means suffering for workers

Indeni Petroleum Refinery workforce is saddened by the renewal of a contract for The Managing Director Mr. Maybin Noole for yet another 3 years by the government which is allergic to corruption.

For the workforce this means another 3 years of suffering in silence. This has resulted in ever increasing silent frustration at the sole refinery of Zambia. Many are pretending that all is well but deep down they are very frustrated by the Mafia style of leadership by Indeni board and Noole.
The serious corruption allegation leveled against Noole and reported by the section of media to which government has decided to ignore saying they are petty corruption allegations leaves to be desired. The comprehensive dossier is there and will soon be given to the public to judge. It really pains to see the company being swindled colossal sum of money through sophisticated organized cartels with the contractors.
Indeni is in the hurry to recapitalize so that it can be able to sustain ever increasing demand of fuel and other petroleum products. Now if money is being swindled and government is just watching then one wonders on President Sata’s pronouncements against the fight of corruption and illicit financial flows.
In all these Noole is not alone hence the master minders are Indeni board (of which they have even over stayed) and some government officials. Hon. Emmanuel Chenda is being quoted in this matrix as image builder of Noole together with the board to the President. The board has become more influential that even the Energy Minister is scared of them. PF government needs to use a microscope really to the bottom of this. Indeni is strategic to Zambian economy hence when workers are not in the right mind government should take keen interest.
With renewal of Noole’s contract what does it mean to the workforce? It means:-
–           Massive rampage corruption through sophisticated deals with contractors.
–           You report corrupt activity then you are fired like Evans Kubi.
–           Bribing of external auditors who audits Indeni will continue so as to continue concealing wrong doing.
–           Mafia style of running the company will go to another cunning level.
–           Indeni will be used as a conduit to siphon money by the board.
–           Succession plan will hold for another 3 years for retirees.
–           Training Programmes outside Zambia shall ever be for few favorite individuals.
–           Adherence to company procedures will forever be abrogated
–           Bribing to union secretariat will be the holder of the day so as to silence them.
–           Workers conditions will continue being stripped off at the faster rate like chitemene system.
–           Workers welfare will deteriorate even further.
–           Lottie Musumba and Harrison Kapota’s case will ever remain carpeted when it’s known fact that they were wrongly dismissed. Hon. Fackson Shamenda has even recused himself from this case because they are personal friends with Noole leaving the two languishing.
–            Human Resource won’t be allowed to work professionally and more frustrations will befall them.
–           Internal auditors won’t be given room to work professionally. They are just there to fulfill organisation requirement.
–           The gap between Noole’s salary and that of senior managers will even be wider. Him used to get Kr 60,000.00 before 26% increament given to him by the board whilst senior managers between Kr 15,000.00 and Kr 20,000.00.
–           The board will continue image building of their fellow corrupt M.D so that he continues serving corruptly to their advantage.
For those who may not know. Maybin Noole was promoted not because he was the best person for the job but because he has been in the system for a long time and more being good at bribes. In reality he lacks basic management skills at that level of M.D as the C.V can tell it all hence cling to the retirees because without them he knows he can be exposed. The same retirees have become bootlickers’ so as to maintain their contract at the expense of bring new innovations to the company and motivating junior officers.
All in all Indeni too require holistic approach in fighting corruption which has been the greatest impediment in the quest to achieve the much desired good governance. That’s why the PF government in power today has a mammoth task to stamp out corruption among Indeni board and M.D to enhance effective running of the refinery.

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