Controversial Honeybee directors go into oil deals


“Jasat, PS Danies Chisenda named in corrupt oil deal”

Honeybee Proprietor, Ismael Jasat, who is under investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), is now aggressively pursuing an oil contract worth millions of dollars at the Ministry of Energy.

Sources close to the deal stated that Jasat, partnering with contraversial commodity trader, Trafigura Oil, has moved into Ministry of Energy to attempt to corruptly secure the deal.

“We have a friend at the Ministry,” Jasat boasted. “PS Danies(Chisenda) while at ZPPA, helped us get the $17million medical supply deal at Ministry of Health. But this time, we will do it smartly”, Jasat boasted.

Honeybee medical supply contracts were cleared by ZPPA under the charge of Mr. Danies Chisenda who is now Permanent Secretary at the Energy portfolio.

In 2019, Jasat’s company, Honeybee was irregularly awarded the US$17 million supply contract.

The extent of the public scandal saw the dismissal of both the Minister of Health and the Permanent Secretary.

The Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) has since completed investigations against Jasat, Honeybee and former Ministry of Health permanent secretary in charge of Administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo and the docket has been refered to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Details coming

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