Cop bashes pedestrian, residents burn his car

Cop bashes pedestrian, residents burn his car

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A Kitwe traffic police Constable Chanda officer driving a Toyota Noah vehicle on Sunday morning hit a female pedestrian in Miseshi area, cutting her leg while her four year old child died on the spot. The officer who was driving under the influence of alcohol attempted to run away from the scene but irate residents pounced on him and completely set ablaze his vehicle.

Eye witnesses said that the officer had been drinking on saturday night and continued on sunday morning. they said that from the bar, his driving was pathetic and were not surprised that he ended up killing a person.

He was rescued by good Samaritans and is said to be locked up at Kitwe central police station while the woman was taken to Wusakile hospital but later transferred to Kitwe Central hospital. Sources at the hospital have described her condition as critical. The husband only identified as a Mr. Wandila is demanding for justice. The shocked Wandila said that he was demanding for nothing but ‘return of his child and wife in good condition because he had spent a lot on them’.


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