Cop in charge of peace operations fired

Cop in charge of peace operations fired


President Edgar Lungu has fired Biemba Musole, the deputy commissioner of police in charge of deploying officers to peace missions abroad.

Musole has been fired in ‘National interest.’


June 2020

By Wilson Mulinda

President Edgar Lungu has approved the establishment of the Formed Police Unit -FPU-by the Zambia Police Service.
The FPU will facilitate deployment of police officers into peacekeeping missions.
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says the Police Service has been working tirelessly to ensure that the establishment of the FPU becomes a reality in order to effectively participate in peacekeeping operations.
Mr. Kanganja was speaking during the opening of the Formed Police Unit workshop in Lusaka.
He said Zambia Police Service has been participating in peacekeeping operations since the the late 80’s with numbers increasing rapidly to date.
Mr. Kanganja noted that one of the key requirements by the United Nations is the need to establish and deploy the FPU in peace support operations by member countries, and Zambia has never had such a component.
He said officers will now be deployed as a unit with full equipment.
Meanwhile, FPU Chairperson Biemba Musole said coming up with a workable financial proposal requires a lot of effort and concentration.
Mr. Musole said the workshop will be a success with support from senior staff from the Ministry of Finance.
And Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police William Banda thanked the Inspector General for his continued support towards all programs that the Zambia Police Service is undertaking.

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