Cop prosecuting Mwamba refuses to touch Bible

The Police officer prosecuting Emmanuel Mwamba on Monday refused to swear on the Bible saying he doses not believe in it and that his religion does not allow him to swear on the Holy Book.

Alfred Foloko was testifying in a matter where Emmanuel Mwamba is accused of authoring ‘prejudicial’ articles of the Zambian Watchdog.

The matter was started by Post managing editor Amos Malupenga when he sent letters to the chief of Police and judges directing them to take interest in the articles published onthe Watchdog.

And the court on Monday took time to listen to a recording which was submitted by Malupenga. The recording was barely audible and was unclear most of the time. In the audible sections, it was Malupenga talking accusing the other person, presumably Mwamba, of writing the articles.

There were 16 exhibits in court and 13 of these came from Malupenga. One came from PAZA vice president Amos Chanda. One was a document which the court was told was Zambian Watchdog file from the patents and companies registration office. The other exhibit was from Zain, a mobile company operator

Foloko told the court in examination that the bulk of his evidence came from Malupenga.

In the last session, Foloko told the court that he had established the editor of the Watchdog.

He told the court that he had a  court order that directed the police to apprehend and take to court ‘the culprit’.

He explained that he went to Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) to establish the editors of the Zambian Watchdog.

“I discovered that the editor is Mr Lloyd Himaambo of Plot number 6059 Sibweni Road Northmead,” said detective chief inspector Foloko.

The Zambian Watchdog, this website, was registered in Europe in 2008.

Trial continues on 13 and 14 December, 2010.

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