Cop who summoned HH fired

Cop who summoned HH fired


The Police woman who delivered the call out to UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has been fired in ‘national interest’.

Mrs Gloria Cheelo Mulele was until the time president Edgar Lungu fired her acting as 2nd Ndola District Chief Intelligence Officer.

It is believed that Mulele has been fired for refusing to carry out the operation to poison HH when he is detained.

She has since been replaced by a willing Constable Jeremy Tembo who worked with superintendent Bwalya from Luanshya in arresting HH and GBM over a case called unlawful assembly when the two were buying tomatoes at a Mpongwe road side market in 2016.

HH is scheduled to appear for questioned by Ndola police tomorrow for commenting on radio that Zaffico is being sold. At the time HH made the comments, there were on going riots on the Copperbelt against the intended sale of Zaffico

The police then were instructed by Amos Chanda to arrest HH.

A confrontation is looming tomorrow when HH appears for questioning in Ndola.

State house officials and senior cops are making money out of this through ‘operation’ allowances while the junior officers who will stand in the scorching sun the whole day will get tu ma 100 pin each if they are lucky.

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